The National CONTINENTAL CONGRESS Historical Society

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The Hall of Presidents Before Washington is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Come visit us anytime!*

Browse the Portraits!

Each president before Washington has a framed collection that is displayed in chronological order, from Peyton Randolph to Cyrus Griffin. Each collection includes the president's portrait, a document they signed, and a summary of who they were and what it going on in the document. Above each framed portrait is an overview of the significant events that took place within that presidency. Take a self-tour from the Continental Congress to the inauguration of George Washington as president, including all fourteen men who served as president before him

Listen to history!

Under each portrait is a wall-mounted speaker. Press the play button and hear two minutes of history related to that specific president.

Watch our programs!

There are two wall-mounted flat screens where you can watch our 15-minute films. One is about each president before Washington, and the other is about the Treaty of Paris Period, the time between the end of the Revolutionary War and the start of the Constitutional Convention, when Annapolis played a key role in transforming the United States from a confederacy to a Republic.

Catch a Lecture!

Once a month, we plan to hold a weekend lecture on an important event that took place during the pre-Constitution period. Check back with us as we develop our lecture schedule.

* The above-frame overviews, wall speakers, flat screens, and lectures will not be available until after June 14, 2015 (our Grand Opening), but feel free to browse the framed portraits before then.