The National CONTINENTAL CONGRESS Historical Society

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In the Hall of Presidents Before Washington, you'll learn about each of the men who served as the nation's top elected official, before the Constitution, who presided under the Articles of Confederation before and after its ratification, which includes both Continental Congresses and the Congress of the Confederation.

You'll use an audio device that narrates the exhibit to allow for a self-guided tour. You'll see color portraits of the Presidents Before Washington, you'll learn their life stories in the bios next to the portraits, and you'll view original documents that they signed. In these documents, you'll discover that they held the title of President, their peers referred to them as President, and they carried out the duties of the Office of President described in the Articles of Confederation.

The "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents Before Washington" collection is owned by the Brown brothers: Sam, Steven, and George. Without them or their collection, this project would never have succeeded.