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What needs to be done in order to begin?

1. Decide on a host institution.

A place willing to: House the permanent HPBW exhibit; let us bring, set up, and take down a portable exhibit related to the Articles of Confederation timeline; and provide space to show the 15-minute City TV film, to sell tour bus tickets using their own system and then provide us with the revenue (minus their commission), and to sell our souvenirs while people wait for the tour bus.

This should be either the new Maryland Theatre for the Performing Arts, or the current host--the Westin Hotel--or an alternative site.

2. Design the portable exhibit.

We need to create portable additions to the HPBW such as timeline foam boards, display cases for the items in George Brown's collection that we will exhibit each day we hold bus tours, and the banner that goes over the outside door of the Westin facing Carpaccio's.

3. Design additions to the permanent HPBW exhibit.

These include better lighting, wall-mounted flags, wall-mounted cardboard cutouts of selected historical figures, audio players with magnifying glasses to be passed out, and souvenirs to sell.

4. Design the citywide advertisements.

We need citywide signs and approval to display them, such as the sandwich boards at each stop of the bus route and the magnetic panels that would go on the bus. We should also consider sponsors who would pay for these items in exchange for identification within the advertising.

5. Identify the personnel needed.

We need costumed re-enactors at each of the three bus tour stops, the person who hands out the audio equipment at the Westin, and the bus driver.
a. At the Westin, Candi Ridgely (especially if we need a cashier).
b. At the French Soldiers Camp, Will and RJ Ridgely with the bus riders acting as the soldiers.
c. At the Maryland Capitol, Phil Webster (first as George Washington resigning and then as John Jay accepting his appointment as Secretary of Foreign Affairs) with the bus riders acting as Congress.
d. At Mann's Tavern, Russell Rockefeller as Alexander Hamilton with the bus riders acting as conventioneers.
e. The bus driver = me (Mark).
f. Other volunteers = SAR and DAR chapter members.

6. Set ticket prices and try to break even.

Using a 13-passenger bus (12 people plus a driver), cost for bus tour only = $15
If we did 12 tours daily with 12 people on each tour at $15 each, that would be $2,160 per day times three days = $6,480 per weekend plus additional tour revenue (below) and souvenir revenue.
--Walking tour only: $15
--Just the exhibits: $10
--Bus tour and exhibits combo ticket: $20
--Walking tour and exhibits combo ticket: $20
--Bus and walking tour combo ticket: $20
--One day pass (the exhibits and both tours): $25
EXPENDITURES (after initial costs such as exhibit additions and advertising):
--Host institution commission: What percent? Would they accept restaurant revenue?
--Bus rental: $100 a day = $300 a weekend (plus tax and gasoline)
--Employees: The six people above @ $25 an hour for 12 hours = $1,800 a day times three days = $5,400 a weekend. ($5,700 total per weekend plus unknown hotel commission) means at full bus tour capacity we might only break but six people would have jobs that pay them each $300 a day, $900 a weekend, $46,800 a year.

7. Launch the Opening Plan for Summer 2022.
Festival dates: Wednesday, June 1 - Sunday, June 5.
If successful, continue indefinitely.

Suggested format for indefinite programs:
a. Bus and walking tours on weekends only, Friday through Sunday, Westin sells the tickets.
b. Bus tours go to the three main stops from 9am - 5pm, since the State House closes at 5pm.
c. Bus tours go to the thirteen walking tour sites (no stops) from 5pm - 9pm.
d. Walking tours on weekends only, Friday through Sunday, Westin sells the tickets.
e. Walking tours are 9am - 5pm (after that, the bus tour goes to all thirteen sites with no stops)
f. Volunteers: Hand out audio devices and magnifying glasses at the Westin seven days a week.
g. Souvenirs: Westin sells them seven days a week.
h. Six employees accept percentages of revenue until daily bus tours are at full capacity.