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In the News

The Annapolis Capital Gazette has enthusiastically covered our project from our first festival in 2012 to the present. No less than 14 of the articles below were written by their staff and also published on their website and that of their parent company, The Baltimore Sun. We mourn the loss of the victims of the June 28, 2018, attack at their headquarters and we grieve with their families and loved ones. Rob, Gerald, John, Rebecca, and Wendi, thank you, and we will miss you.

Rob Hiaasen

Gerald Fischman

John McNamara

Rebecca Smith

Wendi Winters


What's Up? Annapolis magazine

February 1, 2018

George Washington Slept Here:

A comprehensive chronology of the history

of our project (2012 - 2017) to create a place

in Annapolis that properly celebrates the city's

role in the founding of the American republic

during the Treaty of Paris Period.

Annapolis Capital Gazette

September 20, 2017

The statue of Chief Justice Roger Taney on the grounds of the Maryland State House should be replaced with President Thomas Mifflin, the only American president to serve in Annapolis.

Annapolis Capital Gazette

June 14, 2017 (Flag Day):

Homeless no more! The Mayor and the County Executive cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening of The Hall of Presidents Before Washington at the Westin and present awards to the Brown brothers, plus, a video featuring Mark Croatti describing the exhibit. (See more pictures here)

The Chestertown Spy

May 31, 2016:
The (temporarily homeless) "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents Before Washington" collection of signed documents owned by
the Brown brothers goes on the road for the
first time at the 2016 Chestertown Tea Party.

The Annapolis Capital Gazette

April 1, 2016:

George Washington may have crossed the Delaware River without incident, but it was a different story when he tried to cross the Severn River.

Our Legacy in the Annapolis Capital Gazette:

September 11, 2015:
Scroll down to "History Event," a Letter to the Editor by Mark Croatti about our accomplishments as we remove the Brown documents and close
the Treaty of Paris Center at the Maryland Inn.

Chesapeake Family magazine

The 2015 National Treaty of Paris Festival in Annapolis celebrates historical events
(our fourth and final annual festival).

The Annapolis
Capital Gazette

May 29, 2015:
The Treaty of Paris Center
presents a l
ecture at the Treaty of Paris
restaurant on
the French frigate Hermione,
to arrive in Annapolis
on June 16, 20.
What's Up? Annapolis magazine:

April issue, 2015:
The Treaty of Paris Center begins
offering Founding Fathers-specific
walking tours in addition to
free exhibits, films and lectures.
The Annapolis Capital Gazette:

March 19, 2015:
Over 75 people came to the
the Treaty of Paris Center to watch
John Jay, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin 
explain the negotiations that led to the
signing of the Treaty of Paris
Sept. 3, 1783 in France.
The Baltimore Sun and Annapolis Capital Gazette:

January 4, 2015:
Over 200 people came to the Grand Opening of the Treaty of Paris Center at the Maryland Inn, featuring"monthly open houses" that began on Saturday, January 3! See more pictures here.

Annapolis Patch

Sept. 5, 2014:

The new National Treaty of Paris Festival "celebrates untold Annapoli
s history."

Annapolis Capital Gazette

June 3, 2014:
St. John's College Annapolis President
National Treaty of Paris Festival at
St. John's College's Key Auditorium.

Watch the performance of the play here.

Annapolis Capital Gazette

June 3, 2014:
Our new 2014
National Treaty of Paris Festival
is scheduled to make its debut in Annapoli

Annapolis Capital Gazette

Feb. 19, 2014:
Our walking tours begin at Back Creek Books,
including a guided tour of our "14 Forgotten Presidents before Washington" exhibit!

CBS News

September 11, 2013:
The 2013 National Continental Congress Festival celebrates the anniversary of the 1786 Annapolis Convention.

The Baltimore Sun

February 28, 2013:
We've set a course for a new
National Continental Congress Center

Annapolis Capital Gazette

Feb. 19, 2013:

We're "trying to make history," by proposing

a new National Continental Congress Center

at City Dock that would emulate Philadelphia's National Constitution Center.

Maryland Archivist Blogspot

November 25, 2012:
2012 National Continental Congress Festival
in Annapolis, Maryland.

Annapolis Capital Gazette

November 23, 2012:

The 2012 National Continental Congress Festival highlights the role that Annapolis played in the crucial years between the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783 and the start of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 (the Treaty of Paris Period).

The Baltimore Sun

November 21, 2012:

Historian and collector Stan Klos arrives

in Annapolis with his extensive documents collection, the featured exhibit at the 2012

National Continental Congress Festival,

November 26-28 in Annapolis, Maryland.

Newsletter of The Ward One Residents Association

January 14, 2012:
Our first event: Mark Croatti's Ratification Day talk at the Annapolis Bookstore.