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Your institution can host a traveling version of the Hall of Presidents Before Washington! You would get:

A Portable Exhibit

We'll bring replicas of the Brown brothers' collection "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents Before George Washington" that include portraits, signed documents, and biographies for each of the men who held the title of President before the Constitution went into effect in 1789.

Original Documents

We'll bring original documents from George Brown's personal collection and display timelines that tell the story of each portion of the Pre-Constitution era, including the Continental Congress, the Revolutionary War, and the Treaty of Paris Period.

Treaty of Paris Period Video

We'll screen a 15-minute video chronicling the entire Treaty of Paris Period between the Revolution and the Constitution, when the Treaty of Paris was signed and ratified and then became the impetus for a new Constitution.


Mark Croatti will deliver a series of lectures on the Pre-Constitution era, including "The Presidents Before Washington", "The Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution", and "The Treaty of Paris Period".

Costumed Personnel

We'll bring key Founders to your institution, including (left to right) Billy Lee, Thomas Mifflin, Betsy Ross, (Mark Croatti as the organizer) and John Jay.

Souvenirs Available for Purchase by Attendees

We'll bring an array of commemorative items including photo albums, mugs, shirts, pens and replica documents not available anywhere else in the country.



For each day that we come, we'll need $400 per Founder to cover gasoline, transporting and setting up the exhibit, and lodging.

We typically bring between one and five key Founders (you decide how many you'd like us to bring); Mark Croatti by himself or with "Billy Lee" (who represents George Washington as his most trusted servant), "Thomas Mifflin", and (perhaps most significantly) "John Jay", a primary Founder within the Treaty of Paris Period:

* John Jay was one of the presidents before Washington

* John Jay negotiated and signed the Treaty of Paris

* John Jay was a co-author of The Federalist Papers that called for a new Constitution

* John Jay was appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs by the first Congress and first President recognized by the British: Thomas Mifflin

Founders will be available during the exhibit portion of the event to answer questions, take pictures, and engage with the audience.

For each day that we come, we'll also need $100 per daily lecture.

Lectures are given by Mark Croatti, the creator of The Hall of Presidents Before Washington in Annapolis and an instructor at The George Washington University, who typically presents one or more lectures on such topics as "The Presidents Before Washington", "The Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution", and "The Treaty of Paris Period". We require at least one oral presentation for each day of the event.

Book Us for a Day or a Weekend:

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