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How well do you know the mostly forgotten events

of the Treaty of Paris Period from 1783-87,

between the Revolution and the Constitution?

Are you ready to take our QUIZ and find out?

Are you up to the challenge?

(The link to the answers is at the bottom of the page)

Secrets of American History Quiz

1. Who signed the Treaty of Paris for the United States on September 3, 1783?
a. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin
b. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay
c. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Hancock
d. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin

2. In which American city was the 1783 Treaty of Paris ratified on January 14, 1784?

a. Philadelphia
b. Boston
c. Annapolis
d. New York

3. Where was Congress in session when General George Washington resigned from the Army before them on December 23, 1783?
a. Philadelphia
b. Boston
c. Annapolis
d. New York

4. General George Washington's resignation letter is addressed to "Mr. President." Which president did Washington write his letter to?
a. Himself
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. Thomas Mifflin
d. John Hancock

5. Which delegate to Congress authored the 1784 Land Ordinance, which helped expand the new nation, and was promptly rewarded with an appointment as a minister to France?
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Benjamin Franklin
c. John Adams
d. Thomas Payne

6. Which two states had to attend a conference at Mount Vernon from March 25-28, 1785 to discuss how to share the Potomac River, the first step toward a new Constitution?
a. Pennsylvania and New York
b. New York and New Jersey
c. New Jersey and Delaware
d. Maryland and Virginia

7. Where was the September 11-14, 1786 Convention held where 12 delegates from 5 states tried to think of ways to fix the Articles of Confederation so that the pressing issues facing the United States could be resolved, the second step toward a new Constitution?
a. Philadelphia
b. New York
c. Boston
d. Annapolis

8. What building was the 1786 Convention held in?
a. Independence Hall
b. Federal Hall
c. Old North Church
d. Mann's Tavern

9. Who wrote the final report to Congress at the 1786 Convention calling for a new convention in Philadelphia in 1787 that became the third and final step toward a new Constitution?
a. George Washington
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. Alexander Hamilton
d. James Madison

10. In which state was America's first civil war fought from 1786-87, and who led the rebels?

a. South Carolina, Henry Laurens
b. Massachusetts, Daniel Shays
c. New York, Patrick Henry
d. Virginia, Jefferson Davis

Click HERE for the answers