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Annapolis Connects the Revolution to the Constitution!

The Treaty of Paris (signed Sept. 3, 1783) didn’t just end the Revolutionary War; it connected America’s independence to the Constitution! The agreement’s terms (ratified in Annapolis) required the U.S. to pay the British, French, Spanish, and Dutch war debts, which Congress couldn’t do under the Articles of Confederation since it lacked the power to tax. Thus, the Treaty of Paris directly led to a new Constitution (called for in Annapolis) with a strong central government that could tax. At the 2023 National Treaty of Paris Festival, Sept. 16-17 at the Michael E. Busch Library in Annapolis, British Professor Dr. Matthew Dziennik will present the Revolutionary War from an international perspective with the French historical society W3R; the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution; the Ann Arundel County Historical Society, Historic Annapolis; Historic London Town & Gardens; and the Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area. Outdoor/indoor exhibits, activities, and re-enactments in period attire will bring the Treaty of Paris (Saturday, Sept. 16) and the Constitution (Sunday, Sept. 17 — Constitution Day) to life!


  1. The library itself, 1410 West Street.

  2. North Southwood St. (library side of West St.)

  3. South Southwood St. (across the street)

  4. Poplar Avenue behind the library (use  the rear exit of library's parking lot).

  5. City parking garages

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